We’d love to hear your story about change. Change of seasons, changing a recipe to make it more to your taste, change of heart—whatever your story, we want to hear it.



Please send us your idea—we’re just looking for a few sentences describing your story idea plus the recipe that you’d like to include to go with it.

In addition, please send 1-2 samples of your writing—this could be a published piece, a blog post or a letter to your mother. We just want to get a feeling for your style.

Keep in mind:

-The final story needs to be between 600-1200 words (not including the recipe). We will specify what we’re looking for once we hear your idea.

-If you include photography or memorabilia, please ensure that it is 300 dpi, and at least 3.5 “x 5″. We cannot guarantee the use of unrequested photographs.

Illustration & Photography:

We love illustrated recipes— if you have an idea for one, please send us your idea, it can be written or simply sketched.

If you’d rather just keep to illustration or photography, we can be in touch with you once we have all our stories in order.

Either way, please send us a few samples or a link to your website.



Monday, August 11
you will hear from us by Monday, August 18.

Final deadline:

Tuesday, September 2

Unfortunately we can’t accept all submissions (but we appreciate them all!). If you’re not accepted for this issue, please feel free to submit again!

**Please note that the issue will be released approximately 2 1/2 months after your story has been submitted and accepted.


Please send your submissions to hello(at)


Unfortunately we can’t afford to compensate with hard cash at this point, but we will send you a copy of the issue you’re in. Plus we’ll be a cheerleader for you and your work.



About our story and recipe criteria and process:

A reader recently asked how we choose the stories for each issue and I thought it might be fun to share our process with you. I think what you’ll find is that just because you’re story wasn’t chosen, it doesn’t mean we didn’t want it. So please consider submitting ideas for upcoming issues.

1) How does your story relate to the theme?

We love hearing different takes on a theme and try to get as much variation as possible in each issue. We try to make sure we don’t have too many of one idea i.e. grandma or dad’s favorite recipe or a cross-country move, for example.

2) How well is the story/proposed idea is written?

We make a point to include writers of all skill levels—the common theme is that they’re all passionate and keep us reading until the last sentence.

3) How does the recipe fits together with all the other recipes?

We want each issue to be tied together by the common theme but varied enough that the reader doesn’t get bored. We also need to make sure we don’t have 10 dessert recipes and only 2 main dish recipes. And of course we want people to want to make the recipes.