Issue 9: Escape

May 31st, 2012

Issue 9 will leave you ready to make your own great escape—hopefully to your kitchen. Inside we’ve got a Q&A with Bonnie Slotnick of Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks in New York City (one of my personal favorite escapes), we’ll take you the countryside of Italy where you’ll learn to enjoy the sound of silence in Italy, and get adventurous at a Louisiana crab boil complete with a trip to the bayou. Plus recipes, tips & tidbits, and more!

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Table of Contents


Where I Found Food

Holly LaDue
Recipe: Classic Saturday Pancakes

The Hungry Cook

Aurvi Sharma
Recipe: Zeera-Aloo Potatoes tempered with cumin seeds

The Peacemaker

Greg Baldino
Recipe: Risotto

Eating a Mango in Haiti

Patricia Clark
Recipe: Mango Scallop Ceviche

Home Is Where Your Food Is

Katherine Martinelli
Recipe: Beet Soup and Kubbeh

The Paris Dish

Orianne Cosentino
Recipe: Jarret De Porc Cidre (Pork Hock with Cider)

A Chickpea by Any Other Name

Jaclyn Einis
Recipe: Farinata

Crabbing in Bayou Beefland

Meredith Bethune
Recipe: Louisiana Crab Boil

Dining & Dashing

Jacque Lynn Schiller
Recipe: Pequin vinegar

Back to Me

Amy Halloran
Recipe: Oatmeal Cookies

My Mother, Her Mousse,
My Grief

Christine Shaffer
Recipe: Mousse au Chocolat


Morning Glory

Sarah Suksiri
Recipes: Cucumber Lemonade Mimosa and Lox & Cream Cheese with Flatbread


Tips + Tidbits
Recipes: Hungarian Goulash, Sponge Cake Cups, and Orange Buttercream Frosting

Hungry for More

Karolin Schnoor

Lunch Date with Bonnie Slotnick


Meet: AHeirloom